Welcome to Psi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi. As you read through our website and learn more about our organization, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions or comments at akpsiscu@gmail.com.

As you may have read in our Fraternity History Section, Alpha Kappa Psi is an international co-ed professional business fraternity that is also the oldest and largest business fraternity in the world. The overarching mission of AKPsi is to develop principled business leaders. Therefore, everything that we do as individuals, professionals, and as an organization is centered around our 5 core values: brotherhood, integrity, knowledge, service, and unity. Since our fraternity is both co-ed and open to all majors, our members are defined by a wide range of interests, passions, educational pursuits and backgrounds that takes them to professional settings across the world.  

The Psi Omega Chapter represents the Santa Clara University chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi. Since our inception in 2005 we have continued to be one of the most diverse groups on the Santa Clara University campus, open to students of all genders, majors, ethnicities, sexualities  and backgrounds. We integrate Santa Clara University’s vision is to “educate citizens and leaders of competence, conscience and compassion and cultivate knowledge … to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world.'' with our 5 core values and overarching mission to guide our chapter’s long-term decision making process. We strive to make sure our members are the best versions of themselves while also positively engaging with and impacting the campus, community, and the world around them. Our commitment to our values has allowed to accomplish a tremendous amount since our inception. 

Our alumni and current members are part of an extensive network of professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. That being said, our members and alumni also have a global presence having interned or worked in countries such as Rwanda, Ghana, India, Denmark, The United Kingdom, and others. As I mentioned earlier, we have a commitment to serving the campus and the community around us; we strive to do well and do good at the same time. As part of our commitment we regularly contribute and engage with a wide variety of non-profit organizations and socially responsible initiatives. 

As much I can speak about our professional pursuits and philanthropic initiatives I want to highlight what makes AKPsi unique and such a positive experience. AKPsi truly wouldn’t be what it is without the wonderful relationships our members and alumni have with each other. It truly goes beyond the classroom and workplace. Just in my short time at Santa Clara I’ve met some incredible people who have become my closest friends, peers and mentors and have shaped me to become the person I am today. These life-long friendships become a foundational part of our members college and post-graduate experience. Across a variety of social events and day-to-day interactions, our members constantly uplift and support each other in every imaginable way. 

I joined AKPsi as a first-year and it has been a tremendously uplifting and transformative experience ever since then. I am beyond excited to serve as the Psi Omega chapter president for the upcoming year. I look forward to our chapter’s growth and success in the future, and I will work my absolute hardest to take us to greater heights. 

As such, I want to thank you for your interest in Alpha Kappa Psi. I hope you will continue to learn more about us or join us at a future rush event. 


Yash Garg

President, 2019 - 2020



"I look forward to our chapter’s growth and success in the future, and I will work my absolute hardest to take us to greater heights. "